Knock Knock Jokes for getting Funny

Knock Knock Jokes :  The knock-knock jokes was started in America from the early 20th century.These jokes are liked and enjoyed by all the people both young and old.but some people also critisized these knock-knock jokes.Melissa douty is a stand up comic who competed in world series of comedy in 2015 began her career with knock-knock joke. Knock Knock… Read More »

Bad Jokes | Stupid Dumb for Funny

Bad jokes are the most funniest and hilarious.they are funny one liners,dirty,anti-jokes.bad jokes are so crap,dump and silly they somehow turn can Also get Stupid Jokes From Here These jokes will make us laugh or cry but we can’t avoid these jokes simply.They don’t get much worse than these. here you can know all time of best… Read More »

{Funny} Jokes For Kids | Children’s Jokes

Hello Reader’s I hope you have very well today i am going to share funny jokes for kids .These are a long list of jokes for the little ones.these jokes will make the little ones happy for sure.they will tickle the tummies of kids and they will be happy for sure. jokes for kids you can get from… Read More »

Funniest One Liners Funny Short Jokes

FUNNIEST ONE LINERS : These jokes are the collection of humorous and most funniest one liners that will make us laugh and bring smile on our faces.Here You Can Know Funniest One Liners these are the collection of sarcastic and most funniest one liners.Both elders and kids enjoy these jokes and they will make us tickle our stomach and… Read More »

Funny Appropriate Jokes Clean Jokes

FUNNY APPROPRIATE JOKES : These jokes are clean funny jokes that make us laugh loud.they are very cleanand tickling jokes which are enjoyed by both kids and elders as well.Jokes should be such that it should be enjoyed by one and all.And at the same time it should not make fun of others and it should not hurt others.Laughter… Read More »

Best Jewish Jokes Comedy Club

Jewish Jokes :Jewish jokes is a long tradition of humour dating back to torah and the midrash from the ancient middle east.But refers to the recent stream of Ashkenazi Jewery which took root in united states over last hundred years. Jewish humour emerged during the nineteenth century and flourished In twenthieth centurywhen millions of jews immigrated to america.jewish  humour… Read More »